Having offices in Kerkrade, Maastricht and Weert, our working area is much wider. We represent the interests of clients throughout the province of Limburg and beyond. Certainly with modern means of communication, physical distance is no longer an obstacle. German and Belgian clients easily find their way to our office when it comes to cross-border disputes. We are involved in international accidents by both Dutch and foreign clients. We then arrange the damage with the Dutch representative of the foreign insurer or have a coordinating role. Good agreements can usually be made with German or Belgian legal assistance insurers. Since November 2013, this has also been the case with Dutch legal assistance insurers. We also work with specialized lawyers across the border, with whom we have good contacts. We speak our languages. As well as Dutch, we are also capable of communicating in German and English. Our office is affiliated with PEOPIL. This is the European Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. This association consists of a network of affiliated lawyers from all over Europe and promotes the position of the injured in a European perspective.